Ganesh, Opener of the Way by Kyle Fite

clear the way

The image of India’s Ganesh, the elephant headed God, is well known to many, if only as an emblem of some far-off, ornate and exotic culture.

Apart from his visual charm, Ganesh is often implored for help when faced with opposition for he is the “Breaker Down of Obstacles.” He may also set seeming obstructions on one’s path if such is necessary for growth and development.

We can see, then, that Ganesh is a figure whose real involvement in our lives is the Awakening of what is called Prajna-or Wisdom.

Containing the Worlds in his belly, Ganesh is ultimately a cosmic intelligence and power. In asking for his assistance with our personal roadblocks, we approach him with a mind open to the bigger picture behind these. recognizes and honors Ganesh as a most important friend and ally on the Path.

On this site, you’ll find a variety of artwork, items and offerings intended to inspire and awaken Prajna. Our influences are diverse yet come together with this purpose in Mind and Heart.

We hope you enjoy your visit, return often and feel free to communicate questions and feedback.

May your Heart be Open and your Way be Clear.

Image: “Ganesh, Opener of the Way” by Kyle Fite. If interested in a hand-signed print of this original painting or others offered by, please click here!

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