dream collage by erin fite


Collage is an artform filled with magical potential. From the pioneering works of Max Ernst to Nick Bantock’s famed Griffin and Sabine books, the unique combination of images otherwise disconnected gives expression to the invisible realities of mind and heart. As siblings, Erin and Kyle Fite shared their love of art. It would be Erin, however, who would most avidly pursue collage as a medium of choice. Viewers will find her utilizing imagery and text from time-forgotten tomes, found objects and her own visual artistry. All of these come together in works of art which speak to a deeper dimension of experience, one in which the archetypal becomes personal while retaining its mysterious power. Spacebuddhaa.com is proud to offer hand-signed prints of these compelling works.

Each creation comes to you as an elegant matted 8X10.

Please feel free to contact us regarding availability of original works and commissions.

celtic moon by Erin Fite ancient egypt angel aurora broken hearts Cigar dragon dreams Mad Hatter pheonix skull trinity



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