Hoodoo Pilot Tarot by Kyle Fite


Spacebuddhaa.com is pleased to offer a growing number of Tarot decks created by artist and magician,  Kyle Fite,  who is also know as “Hoodoo” online.  Each deck is a labor of love, reproduced directly from the original sheets of artwork, cut and assembled by hand and packaged with an accompanying book of instruction and commentary with tipped on color plate.

The Metamorphic Tarot by Kyle Fite

THE METAMORPHIC TAROT OF THE SPIRITS was originally envisioned as The Lucky Hoodoo Tarot. This was to be a deck of cards based on the opening lessons of Michael Bertiaux’s Voudon-Gnostic Workbook. As the project went forward, it flowed into its final form: a gallery of images emerging from the diversity of Spirit Contact established over decades of esoteric exploration. Nordic, African and Tibetan influences will be discerned in this collection of images. Beneath these glyphs reside underlying archetypes which transcend cultural contexts while wearing the same as forms of expression and communication.

Recipients of this Tarot have reported success using the images as Dreamgates, portals into the Deep Zone where the Spirits make their home. Students of Voudon-Gnosis will find in this “gallery” a vivid and useful tool for personal exploration of this esoteric system.

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THE HOODOO PILOT BARDO TAROTThis is a Magical Gallery and Highly Intuitive Series of Diverse Images intended to be utilized for both Meditation & Divination. The underlying and unifying theme is that of NAVIGATION through Spacetime as a Player-Character in the Game of Life, Death and the In-Between. Images are eclectic and include an Egyptian Priestess, the Nordic God Odin, an old school crystal radio and a tower built from coffee cups. All these themes come together as Forms expressing energetic states and patterns along one’s journey through Incarnation.

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THE BARDO BEAR STORYTIME ADVENTURE DECK-The star of this deck is Bardo Bear, a walking talking Teddy who adventures in a perpetually changing world, the plotline of which is determined by the reader. Although the cards make reference to the imagery in traditional Tarot decks, no experience is necessary to lay out these little pictures and instantly begin crafting a tale. “Kid-friendly,” the accompanying instruction book offers suggestions as to how parents and children may work together to build their own adventure. There is further commentary for using the deck as an Oracle.

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Those who delve deeply into the Tarot will find their study and practice richly rewarded through a fantastic series of images and impressions which open into a world of exploration, contemplation and personal growth. The Tarot is a type of well which never runs dry and continues to unlock new doors and awareness the more it is worked with.

A question which quickly arises for the new student is WHICH TAROT? With so many different decks available on the market, there isn’t simply one set of cards which stands as THE “True Tarot.” Historians, such as Stuart Kaplan, have devoteed their lives to researching the thousands of cards which have appeared throughout time in the evolution of Tarot. Romantic “histories” have been promoted and debunked. No small amount of debate has circled around the cards with their many diverse images and interpretations.

Years back, I studied and worked with the attributes assigned to the Tarot as detailed by C.C. Zain in his book The Sacred Tarot. These were quite different from those I had previously picked up from Golden Dawn based material (something of the “standard” for most modern Tarot work). Which was “right?” A close friend and I discussed this ad nauseam until I finally remarked:

“You know what? The cards are NOT the Tarot!”

As simple as the thought was, it hit our conversation like a lightning bolt. The Tarot was seen as a LIVING THING, a Mandala which simply gave birth to its myriad of expressions. Behind attributes and systems was a type of Symmetrical Ideal in Motion. Too much intellect severed any pack of cards from the organic FLOW of this Ideal into Spacetime.

I chose to embrace several meanings of the word Tarot, regardless of historical validation. One such meaning is “Royal Road,” what is called, in Vudu, the Grand Chemin. This interpretation described perfectly “The Fool’s Journey,” a system of Initiation, a Way to relate the Parts to the Whole as an actual experince of development and growth.

Even the number of cards in a deck became a mutable thing. We are presently worked on structure which leaves behind the traditional 78 cards.

The basic question is: DOES IT WORK?

The simple answer is: YES!

Aside from divination (the most popular use of these cards), the Tarot can and, in my opinion, SHOULD be approached from a devotional perspective. One easy way to do this is to draw a card each morning, the “card for the day.” This may be contemplated and viewed as a M.A.P. (Mandala Access Point). It shows where you are against the larger picture of your Universal Vision. Throughout the day, this card can be reflected upon. Attention may be directed to ways in which the image and its associations appear in the guise of “ordinary life.” Upon retiring at night, one may then contemplate the day’s events in light of this particular picture.

By doing this, one also forms a stronger intuitive connection to the pack as a whole. When it comes time to using the Tarot for more specific and directed purposes, the associations formed through the daily devotional exercise with all come to the fore, drawing upon past experience to form an intuitve “net” whereby to most keenly capture the most applicable implications of the cards.

At Spacebuddhaa.com, we are not so much “reinventing” the Tarot as we are opening up to new ways in which it might take expression and be utilized as a magical machine.

Each deck we offer is a handcrafted item, individually cut, assembled and packaged with its accompanying book of instruction and commentary. A longtime passion and pursuit, we are happy to answer any questions about the decks we offer!

  • Kyle Fite

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